About The Maroon House

kathleen-garvin-headshotHello, and welcome to The Maroon House!

I created this website to serve as a resource for beginner-friendly information on digital marketing, and also house my thoughts on tech, life and career.

Why the name “The Maroon House,” you ask? Here’s the story…

Unlike most college students in the mid-2000s, I was not a fan of Dane Cook. His schtick and the whole “Su-Fi” thing did nothing for me. (Though I loved Ike Barenholtz’s spot-on impression of him on “MadTV.”)

My boyfriend at the time picked up the comedian’s latest album as a birthday present for his brother. It was summer break, and we were hanging out at his parents’ house.

He insisted we listen to it before he re-wrapped it. (Are all guys this blasé about gift-giving? But I digress.) We popped the disk into the CD-ROM and sat around the desktop computer, listening to routine after routine. Then we came to this part of the album:

When somebody gives you directions, don’t you get so anal about their directions? They give you the directions and the entire time driving you’re just cutting down their directions. You’re like this, “OK, take take a left at the red house — That’s fucking maroon, you idiot!”

And I thought, yes! 

The bit still resonates with me. I’m a chronic over-thinker (just look what I’m turning that joke from 10 years ago into). But I — and maybe you — have had those “maroon house” moments where you’d be golden with a little more education or clarification.

I wanted to create a safe place where hand-holding is encouraged. Where no question is dumb.

This initiative won’t be perfect, but it’s a start. Let’s figure it out together.


Thanks for reading,