Download My Free Chrome Extension: Hide images with NOPE.

I created a browser extension, y’all.

Hide images with NOPE. made its debut on the Chrome Web Store shortly before Christmas.

So, What Exactly is Your Extension?

Simply put, it’s an image blocker.

What Does it Do?

More like, what doesn’t it do!

(Written in Sarcasm font because it does not, in fact, do much beyond hide images and replace them with this cheeky NOPE. text.)

Hide images with NOPE. in action-2

Hide images with NOPE. in action

Why Do I Need This?

Articles with images get better engagement and time on page. Publishers know this.

However, sometimes you — the reader — need information about a subject and don’t WANT to see any images.

That’s where Hide images with NOPE. image blocker comes in.

  • Deathly afraid of bugs and could REALLY do without seeing pictures of them when looking for exterminator services online?
  • Want to hate-read about a particular celebrity, but can’t stand to see their image splashed alongside the text?
  • Looking to be an informed citizen but can’t stomach seeing X politician on the page?

Then look no further.

How Did the Idea for This Extension Come About?

I moved to St. Petersburg in fall 2015 and had to look up pest control (thanks, Florida). I would read information online through semi-closed eyes and fingers because I couldn’t stand all the images of insects that accompanied the text on the page.

There had to be a better — and bug-free — way.

I kicked the idea around for a while. After grabbing coffee with a local entrepreneur in December, I decided to finally pull the trigger.

Building a Chrome Extension


Browser, not Bowser. Image credit: Wikipedia

Leverage your skills and outsource your weaknesses” — entrepreneur Ryan Robinson preaches this message, and I couldn’t agree more. This project was beyond my skill set, and I needed to hire someone for the job.

I’ve experienced so-so results from hire-for-cheap sites (hey, you get what you pay for). Thankfully, I found an excellent, experienced developer on Upwork.

I spent $250 on labor and an additional $35 to 1. pay the one-time Chrome developer fee ($5) and 2. upload it to the Chrome Web Store. I decided to make the extension exclusively for Chrome since it’s the most popular browser.

Similar extensions exist… but, I like to think my dose of personality gives it an edge. 😉 You can view Hide images with NOPE. here.

Have you downloaded the extension? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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