Can’t Verify Your Domain Using GoDaddy? Try This…

You’ve developed an idea for a blog, settled on a domain name and launched your website.


Like the good, SEO-conscious writer you are, you decide to add your website to Google Search Console (formerly Webmaster Tools).

After “adding the property,” you try to verify through your domain name provider. In this case, GoDaddy.

And you get this message: Verification failed.

How to Verify Your Domain Using GoDaddy

For me, the recommended version wasn’t working. As someone who’s seamlessly verified two websites in the past, I was confused but undeterred.

I went to “Alternate methods” in the Search Console and selected “Domain name provider.” I found GoDaddy in the dropdown menu and then clicked Add a TXT record.


Hold Up: What’s a TXT Record?

Google describes a TXT record as “a type of DNS (domain name system) record that provides text information to sources outside your domain. The text can be either human-or machine-readable and can be used for a variety of purposes.”

You add a TXT record (short for text record) to your domain settings to verify your domain ownership and “implement a number of email security measures.”

Adding a TXT Record to GoDaddy

Once you select “Add a TXT Record,” directions will expand.


The GoDaddy instructions are in need of some updating. To get to the Zone File Editor, here are the steps I followed:

GoDaddy > My Account > Domains (Manage) > Click on under Domain Name > Choose DNS Zone File under Domain Details > Do a find for “TXT” > Edit the TXT Value under TXT (Text)


Click “Finish” to add the record, and then save your changes.

Still Not Working? Try This to Verify Your Domain

One reason I use GoDaddy is for the excellent customer service. Throughout the years, their reps have helped me un-crash a small business website and transfer site ownership.

For this particular issue, I made two phone calls to customer support and DM’d a GoDaddy Help worker on Twitter.

Nothing was wrong. Each representative confirmed I set up the TXT record correctly.

The last worker I spoke to suggested getting a new verification code. That’s when I deleted my website from Google Search Console, refreshed the page and then re-added the site.

I edited the TXT record on GoDaddy with the new code, and my domain was finally verified.

It worked!

What I (Maybe) Did Wrong in the Beginning

Six weeks earlier …

After setting up my website, I created a Google Analytics account. I put the tracking code on my site; however, it took a few tries and trials with different plugins to get it right.

During this, I tried to verify my domain multiple times to no avail. It wasn’t until GA was running properly and I deleted and replaced my account on Google Search Console that everything clicked.

Did attempting to verify my domain while my site had other issues complicate things? Was the verification code simply corrupted? I’m still not sure.

Here are two suggestions for any of you going through the same thing:

  1. Talk to your domain provider. If you can, check in with more than one customer success representative to get a variety of feedback and different solutions.
  2. Double- and triple-check your processes. And if that fails, consider starting over (my GA account and tracking code on the site were still intact — I simply removed the property from my list and re-added it).

Have you had an issue with domain verification? If so, how did you handle it? Let me know in the comments.

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