… I’ve had bosses ranging from 24 to 64. I’ve had bosses I loved, and bosses I didn’t. I’ve seen my peers quit, and I’ve quit a few times myself. Here’s what’s really behind your millennials’ resignation letter.

Lisa, an author and consultant, and her daughter Elizabeth, a gradate of Boston University, go on to cite four examples of how management is failing Millennials.

Millennials in the Workplace

Lots of people work jobs (and under managers) they dislike. This has gone on for generations before Gen Y entered the workforce.

But here’s the difference: 60% of Millennials are leaving their jobs in less than three years. Student loans and steady work history be damned.

Reasons #1 and #3 of the article hit home for me (emphasis my own).

1. You tolerate low-performance

It’s downright debilitating to a high achiever. I’m working my heart out and every time I look up Donna-Do-Nothing is contemplating how long is too long to take for lunch. I start wondering why leadership tolerates this.