Gimme, Gimme: What Promotional Items Do You Want?

This article originally appeared on the SEMrush blog.

What Promotional Items Do You Want?

Conference season is well underway. This time of year entails traveling, networking, learning and a whole lotta swag.

I worked in healthcare communications for three years after college. During that time I represented my former company at 13 industry conferences across the U.S., from National Harbor, Maryland to Long Beach, California. I also worked as a brand rep at local shows and events in the Philly area.

I’ve seen my fair share of table offerings — the usual candy, lanyards and wristbands; and popular items on the rise, such as earbud headphones and portable chargers. I’ve also given out golf tees and received beer koozies.


As we prepare to order a new batch of promotional goodies, what I want to know is this — what would YOU like to receive from a company at a show? 

First off, do you care what companies give out? Do you prefer discounts or the opportunity to win big-name items like an iPad over smaller swag pieces?

For those of you with an opinion on the matter, I’d love to hear you out!

Will you scream if you see another water bottle or drawstring backpack? Are there promotional items you’d prefer to see more of? Please let me know in the comment section!

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